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Frederick J. Carr, Esq.


"The most crucial ability of any mediator is to be empathetic and understanding of both sides' positions without being confrontational. [Fred] is very good at that. [Having settled approximately 12 cases over a two day period] "When you do those bulk mediations over a short period of time, you really test the mettle of a mediator. You want to make sure that you have a mediator that's going to get the job done. The last thing you want to do is have a client come in from out of town with a checkbook and not get it done, because having a bad mediator reflects poorly on the attorney. Fred has never let me down."

Robert Phillips, Esq.
Phillips Spallas & Angstadt, LLP

"[Fred], I wish to take time to once again personally thank you for your insightful, professional services, as well as your most effective techniques as a mediator.  This case had appeared all but hopeless of resolution short of trial.  I was thoroughly pleased with the way you conducted this mediation, and the very personable way you gained the confidence of all active participants.  You were unquestionably well-prepared, familiar with the facts, communicated your understanding of the issues, and from the outset, made everyone feel comfortable with your optimizsm that we could reach an acceptable resolution.  It is my pleasure to highly recommend your ADR talents to any other counsel who may be faced with a "difficult" case like ours.  You were imminently knowledgeable, unbiased and "user friendly."  You earned my client's and my utmost respect."
Kenneth S. Atterman, Esq.
Law Offices of Kenenth S. Atterman.

"When people tell their story, [Fred] maintains eye contact, he listens, he doesn't over react and he responds. He responds directly without getting emotional."

Frank Liuzzi, Esq.
Liuzzi, Murphy, Solomon & Aikens, LLP

I had the distinct pleasure of working together with Fred for more than a year while embedded with a client organization for advising and assisting with the implementation of their interagency strategy. Our implementation challenges were significant: a multi-cultural environment, numerous and diverse stakeholders, and often divergent objectives. Such a dynamic and challenging environment placed a premium on engendering trust while insightfully determining stakeholder’s true interests and concerns. To this end, Fred excelled at bringing stakeholders together, crystallizing the issues, and negotiating a path to progress. Fred’s communication and listening skills and ‘win-win’ mindset were instrumental in advancing key safety, environmental, and sustainability initiatives - including several that had been stalled for a considerable period of time. Fred was integral to our success as a team and acknowledged by the client for “outstanding performance” upon completion of our services.

Daniel J McClellan Captain, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.)
Project Manager
Good Harbor Consulting, LLC.

"Spanning nine years, Fred Carr represented my company's interests as a litigant in California, and a facilitator in the United Arab Emirates where he helped unify many fragmented government agencies. His comprehensive legal knowledge, professional demeanor, and uncanny ability to engage and relax adversarial parties are invaluable. He is able to grasp the big picture, speak with objective clarity, facilitate constructive dialogue, and mediate with remarkable fairness."

Steve Burton,General Manager
Aldar Properties, PJSC Marinas Division

"Fred's ability to understand not only both sides of an argument, but also the dynamics and emotions of each side enables him to facilitate the direction of discussions without either side feeling pressured. His experience, openness and honesty, his values and compassion, I hold in the highest regard. Fred has a great knack of getting to the root of a problem and bringing clarity to muddy waters."

Alex Drinkwater,General Manager

Al Seer Supplies and Equipment

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