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San Francisco Bay Area Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mediation Services

Thank you for visiting our web site. We are attorney Mediators focusing on the resolution of civil litigation matters. We each bring to the process extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, over one hundred hours in specialized Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process training, as well as litigation management, risk analysis and leadership skills. (See Professional Profiles of Frederick Carr and Charlotte Venner)



The cost savings from the use of mediation results from a reduction in attorney's fees and expert witness fees and other costs associated with preparing a case for trial. Further, the use of mediation in legal case management results in a reduction in the period of time the case is pending. Since approximately 98% of all cases settle before trial, it is good business to determine whether your matter would benefit from mediation early in the development of the case.


Mediation is essentially assisted negotiation. It is a voluntary, non-binding process using a neutral third party to facilitate a negotiated settlement. The role of a Mediator is not to convince one side or the other to change their attitudes about a case, but to assist the parties in identifying and exploring issues that may be contested were the case not to settle and proceed to trial. Moreover, the mediation process is confidential. Evidence Code Sections 1115 through 1128 and Section 703.5 govern mediation confidentiality. Counsel participating in mediation should be familiar with these Evidence Code sections and the case law interpreting and limiting the application of these provisions.